December ’91

December ’91 is the music of Craig Ferrie – a songwriter who consistently & assuredly travels in a direction all his own vision. His releases are a blend of imperfect confessional folk and achingly conflicted punk. All harnessed around intriguing lyrics and a distinctive vocal, he manages to tease the erstwhile middle-of-the-road ‘singer-songwriter’ label towards unchartered, unhinged territory whilst never losing the ability to write a (bastardised) hook.

Anti-folk vibes with comparisons to Kurt Vile, Mac Demarco & Neutral Milk Hotel.


Kenny Bates started out under the moniker ‘lefthand’ as a means to bring the elements he loves in post-punk, noise, 90s indie/emo, soundscape and ambient music into a singer-songwriter format. Live, this primarily takes the form of solo electric guitar and vocals, using effects pedals and a drum machine to inject subtle textures and blend one song into the next, creating an organic and largely improvisational flow to his set. It’s unusual and ever-evolving, but relatable and engaging.

With a new forthcoming album, Kenny will now be performing under the name ‘Quitter‘.

For fans of Conor Oberst, American Football, Joan Of Arc, David Pajo.

Debut Album – “Commuter Town”

Single from forthcoming album – “Quitter”


Both acts share a fierce DIY passion in the way they record, perform and live. Touring together, they can perform ‘December ’91’ and ‘lefthand’ either solo or full band depending on what suits your venue/bar/community space/squat.

We travel with the backline below which we can share, and would just require a PA (or even an amp with a mic) in order to perform:

Stripped back drum kit (kick, snare, hi-hat with stand, ride with stand)

Fender Blues Jnr / Flynn Tweed Super guitar amp

Ashdown bass combo amp

Videos / Press

December ’91:

Brand new single

Solo live promo

“An explosive second album from the Glasgow-based Craig Ferrie who goes by the name of December ‘91… both angry and retrospective. Fast and gentle…punk DNA and taunting lyrics…My favourite Scottish album of the year so far.”

– ‘Bad Man’ album review, The Daily Record.

“There is an understated confidence about Craig that is a potent combination with his disarming ability to be soft and quiet when playing. It’s the feeling of when you remove a bandage from a fully healed wound – it’s not painful but you get the sense it could have been. The song writing is strong and the guitar parts are varied and interestingly placed throughout the songs… just go and see him next time and you might get something you never even knew you needed.”

Live review, Stirling DIY Press Collective.



Solo live promo

“The title track, ‘Commuter Town’, stretches out with some really gorgeous guitar playing, and contains all the most distinctive features of the album. It’s somehow complex but free and easy, composed but uncomfortable. Occasional recordings of busy conversation crop up here and there, with incidental breaks in the music and loops that create a pleasant, inviting atmosphere. With lyrics like, ‘The more you round on yourself the more you mean it’, and, ‘Pedestrian drugs were bought, I thought so I could feel it. And now I know they’re really all I had’, the topic might sound quite bleak, but the music never lets you fall into despair. In the end it seems to pull you back with a friendly smile to a world of simple pleasures. It leaves on a high after a fairly introspective and absorbing journey.”

– ‘Commuter Town’ album review, Stirling DIY Press Collective.

“Kenny Bates is an apparently right-handed guitarist who can engineer complex soundscapes with his sparse apparatus. The guitar work is dischordant in nice places, transforming rhythms under decent vocals, which are expressive and not too melodic. Lefthand has a fantastic command over the sound of the guitar, playing some very well observed notes and melodies from a range of styles.”

Live review, Ravechild.